Why is it necessary to complete the work in hand?

Updated: Jan 6

Once upon a time in a kingdom named Avathipuram.

there lived a Guru named Vishnu Sharma. Vishnu Sharma was a very learned person and has lot of experience in teaching, students from far lands came to him for education.

In his ashram, there were 4 princes named Ravi Verma, Prathapa Verma, Kishora Verma, Kirti Verma. All four were very bright and good in conduct too but had a problem with their odd behavior. They would start any new work with full enthusiasm but loose interest very soon and give up on and never finish that work. Vishnu Sharma observed this and thought of teaching them a lesson.

One day Vishnu Sharma called the prince and said to them “My dear, students as you know summer is soon approaching and we have only one well for all our needs in the ashram, I think if we can dig up another well it will be useful for us. So I want you four to start digging up a well on the north side of the ashram, I will go get some help from nearby village” saying this Vishnu Sharma went into the village.

Hearing Vishnu Sharma, the prince at once jumped on to work of digging the well, Ravi Verma used a crowbar and dug the soil, Prathapa Verma pulled out soil from the pit and other 2 started throwing the soil in a nearby open land. By the time they have dug up few feet’s Vishnu Sharma came there and said: “my dear little prince stop digging here, please move to that corner and start digging”.

Princes were little surprised, yet thought maybe there is no water in this part of ashram so Vishnu Sharma is asking to dig in another place. They moved to other corner and started digging. After a while Vishnu Sharma once again stopped them and asked them to move to another part of the ashram and start digging, this repeated a couple of times and prince got angry with Vishnu Sharma and said: “If we keep digging pits incomplete when and how would we complete digging the well”?

Vishnu Sharma said, “of course you’ll finish digging the well” in the same way you are doing your other subjects. You start a subject and without finishing it you jump to another subject when you can finish your subjects, why would the well will not get finished?

Prince by now understood that their guru Vishnu Sharma has asked them to dig well to teach them a lesson. They bowed down to Vishnu Sharma and promised to never leave a work incomplete and go ahead to start another work.

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