Our grief is far below than our ability to handle !

Updated: Jan 6

Once An Aging Zen Master grew tired of his Student Complaining, and so,

One morning, Sent him for some Salt. When the Apprentice Returned, the Master Instructed the Unhappy Young man to put a Handful of Salt in a Glass of Water and then to Drink it.

"How does it Taste?" the Master asked.

"Bitter," Spit the Apprentice.

The Master then asked the young man to take another Handful of Salt and put it in the Lake Nearby.

Once the Apprentice Swirled his Handful of Salt in the Water, the old man said, "Now Drink from the Lake."

As the Water dripped down the young man's Chin, the Master asked, "How does it taste?"

"Fresh," remarked the Apprentice.

"Do you Taste the Salt?" asked the Master.

"No," said the Young Man.

At this, the Master took the young man's hands, offering, "The Pain of Life is pure Salt, No More, No Less..!

The Amount of Pain in Life Remains Exactly the Same. However, the Amount of Bitterness we Taste Depends on the Container we Put the Pain In...!!

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