oh God what is this confusion

The job seeker thinks the business is good,

The business owner thinks the job is good,

The person living at home wants to do something and get out of the house,

Those living together think that our mother is more worried about the son living separately,

The one who stays apart, hr feels about those living together would not have to bear much expense and responsibility.

The villagers think it's fun in the city,

The city people says life in the village is simple,

people living in the country want to go abroad,

People living abroad think we compromise a lot here,

Straight hair girl says how nice the curls are !

curl hair girl say how complex the curls are !

one thinks he has one child, if he had two ?

One who has two thinks one child would be better.

If it was a girl, one think I wanted a boy,

If it's a boy, one thinks only a girl spread the love !

Anyone who doesn't have a child says anything will work.

Who only knows how to speak badly for someone else also see faults in Rama,

Who compliment everyone for their benefit also praise Ravana !

No one knows exactly what is good.

I'm right but I'm not happy. The other one is definitely wrong, but he is enjoying the life.

oh God what is this confusion ?

GOD : Whatever Happening with you is Happening for betterment my child ! enjoy your own life & dont compare yourself with other !

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